Monday, 05 October 2020 14:25
Modified: Wednesday, 11 August 2021 13:37

Media manager Joomla 4From the beginning of its existence, Joomla is becoming better and better and offers Joomla users the best features to create reliable and secure websites. Joomla 4 will introduce new features, including the changed and improved Media Manager.

Let’s focus on the new media manager here. 

The Joomla 4 media manager brings you many more options than the Joomla 3 media manager.

How to find the media manager in Joomla 4

There are two ways to find it in Joomla 4:

Joomla 4 Media Manager in Home Dashboard

Open your Joomla 4 installation’s backend, and you are at the Home Dashboard.
The Media Manager is available at the “Media” icon. Click it to open.

Home dashboard

Joomla 4 Media Manager in Content Menu

The media manager is also available under the Content Menu.
Open your Joomla 4 website’s backend, navigate to Content > Media. Click “Media,” and you will be in the media manager.

Media Manager

And that is how it looks:

Media manager

The new media manager will make it much easier for users to manage their media files. They can easily organize their folders and file system. Users can also configure specific permissions for each user role.

Joomla 4 Media Manager Features

Drag-and-drop image uploading

Joomla 4 provides support for transferring multiple files using the "Drag and drop" feature. It is a handy, needed, and long-awaited new feature.
Joomla users can drag and drop images to the media manager, but also directly to Joomla's articles!

Drag and drop

Editing Tools

Each image in the Media manager has a set of editing tools. You'll see them when you click on the three dots in the top right corner of any image. There are six options to choose from.

Tools item settings

  • Preview item
  • Download item
  • Rename item
  • Edit item
  • Get a sharable link
  • Delete item

What do these tools do

Click the "Preview" button to see a small version of the image inside an overlay:

preview button

Click the "Download" icon to download the image.
Click the "Rename item" icon, and you'll be able to change the name of the image:


Click the "Pencil icon" to edit the item. You can change the image's settings (crop, resize, and rotate images).
Click the "link" icon to make a shareable image link.
Click the “bin” icon to delete the image.

Image Information

Click on the small "i" icon in the top-right corner, and you can find all sorts of information about each image (it gives you all the image details such as size, created date, modified date, MIME type, Dimensions, file type, file extension, etc.)

Image info

Global options

Joomla 4 allows you to configure global settings for the media manager.

How to access Joomla 4 media manager options

To set global options, navigate to the Options button in the top-right corner. Click the button, and you open the global settings page.

Media manager

Joomla 4 media manager options

There are two tabs available on this page in options - you can manage media settings and permissions (you can set the access level for another user group in Joomla to access Media Manager.)

Media permissions


Media j4

In the “Media” tab, you can set the global settings for J4 Media Manager like file formats you want/don’t want to use, the maximum size of media, paths, legal/illegal MIME types, etc.


Permissions j4

To change the users’ permissions in Media Manager, choose the group on the left (in our case, it’s “Publisher”) and select the settings for the actions you want to control for the selected Group by choosing the option from the select list next to each action.

Remember to save the settings after the change.


Media Manager in Joomla 4 comes with a fresh and intuitive interface that will help users manage their media files more accessible.