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ver. 3.4.1
Wednesday, 30 September 2015 14:15
  1. (!) Published /unpublished filter issue in regions list on administrator
  2. (!) Problem with "SHow on click" function in custom fields.
  3. (!) Problem with auctions when 'buynow' feature is disabled.
  4. (!) Resolved problem with wrong links in emails (unnecessary /administrator/ part)
  5. (!) PayUSMS changed labels
  6. (!) Paypal redirection issue.
  7. (!) BankTransfer redirection issue.
  8. (!) Regions ordered by name in advert edition view
  9. (!) Regions ordered by name in search module
  10. (!) Duplicated info "Unfortunately we can't find geographical coordinates from your postcode, we omitted range restriction"
  11. (!) Categories module, resolved problem with extra closing tags
  12. (!) Regions module, resolved problem with extra closing tags
  13. (!) Search module added name tofor html validation
  14. (!) Bidder name hidden not basing on params
  15. (!) Resolved issue with redirection during advert creation

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