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ver. 3.0.0

DJ-ImageSlider ver. 3.0.0

  • added css3 transitions with backward compatibility (javascript transitions) for older browser
  • added switch between css3/js transition
  • added slider script based on jquery for Joomla!3+ (for Joomla!2.5.x script is still based on mootools)
  • removed render-blocking javascript by defering slider script loading
  • removed css block from the head
  • added themes for easier slider styling (possibility to create own themes or override from template)
  • improved responsiveness for horizontal slider - script increase/decrease number of visible slides based on parent container width; 'Visible images' option became maximum number of visible images for horizontal slider
  • added new responsive lightbox-like script for Joomla!3+ - magnific popup [ ]
  • removed open in modal window option - by default slider use magnific popup for J!3+ and slimebox for J!2.5.x
  • added indicator navigation style switch: points/numbers
  • changed next/prev/play/pause button fields type to media for easier customisation
  • extended list of slide effects (transition curve) for css3 and js transitions
  • changed ordering of new slides - now new created slides are listed at the beginning
  • added vertical image centring option
  • added full support for RTL language including transition direction of the slides
  • added new swipe navigation handling for touch screens  - powertools.js for mootools is not loaded anymore
  • added Full Width Slider option - allows to stretch the slider to the full width of parent container
  • fixed menu sidebar hide/show feature in Joomla!3
  • added link to slide effects examples in module options
  • other minor fixes

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Tuesday, 30 June 2015 00:00

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