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ver. 2.2.0

DJ-MediaTools ver. 2.2.0

  • added new album layout - Kwicks Panels - based on
  • added editor button support for more than one editor on the same page
  • removed title video link inside modal window
  • added djmtmodal-window and djmtmodal-overlay classes for easier styling the modal window
  • fixed opening urls in parent or blank window instead of inside modal window
  • added styles for small screens (<768px) in modal item view
  • added keyboard arrows navigation in modal item view
  • added albums pagination on the back-end
  • added unique alias generation instead of displaying unique album alias error
  • added checking if album has child albums before deleting the album
  • changed 'Ordering' to 'Display' in Virtuemart source plugin
  • added auto album cover generation during album saving for folder source
  • added sef urls for items opened in modal window
  • added hash to url while browsing items in modal window - url with hash allows to open item directly in modal window
  • added comments system integration: facebook with comment managing, disqus and jcommnets
  • fixed 'select all tool' in the back-end
  • fixed save and insert function for creating album in modal window
  • fixed gallery grid responsivness in IE11 and Opera 12
  • removed uploader debug information from browser console
  • fixed opening double modal window for many albums instances on one page
  • added insertion of album cover linked to album opened in modal window
  • fixed and optimized truncate description function
  • fixed saving album when using code mirror editor
  • fixed d.camelCase is not a function in galleryGrid layout
  • fixed empty titles issue in multiupload layout
  • other minor fixes

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Monday, 08 September 2014 17:04

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