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Wednesday, 04 November 2015 12:12

ver. 2.5.0.

  1. 4 layouts rewritten to jquery (slideshow, slideshow with thumbnails, tabber, modern slider) for Joomla!3
  2. added additional lightbox script - magnific popup based on jquery - it can display mixed images and videos in one gallery
  3. updated nivo slider script to v3.2
  4. updated skitter slideshow script to v4.4
  5. updated picturefill.js script to 3.0.1 version, because of more than 50 times better performance
  6. picturefill.js is now included locally to be independent from cdnjs.cloudflare.com
  7. added fetching video info with native oembed services for Dailymotion and Metacafe
  8. added current video preview in custom item edit form
  9. changed the way the video is handling - play button will be now always be visible, no matter what kind of image linking is chosen
  10. improvements of fetching available updates information
  11. added compatibility with keyboard access for slider layout - arrows navigation and tab+spacebar/enter key for navigation buttons) for slider layout
  12. added switch to enable/disable optimized keyboard access
  13. djadded compatibility with keyboard access (tab key) for gallery grid layout
  14. other minor fixes

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