Ajax Filters App for DJ-Catalog2

NEW! Now, you can use DJ-Catalog2 as full e-commerce solution! Check the blog post about the e-commerce release!

Ajax Filters App for DJ-Catalog2 v.3.7+ provides the fastest way to filter the results in DJ-Catalog2. No need for the reload of the browser, just dynamically loaded results.


  1. Download the plg_system_djcatalog2ajaxfilters App from the downloads section (if you don't have the App you can get it here for $9, or get it with a 1-year subscription for DJ-Catalog2)
  2. Install the plg_system_djcatalog2ajaxfilters package same way as any other Joomla extension.
  3. Edit and enable the plugin.

See the video explaining the installation and usage of Ajax Filters App for DJ-Catalog2:

Using the Ajax Filters App

Once the App is installed the filters start working with Ajax call.


Check the demos: 

Get the Ajax Filters App: