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DJ Classifieds ajax search, filtering, ordering and pagination

Add superpowers to DJ-Classifieds and make it blazing fast with AJAX

Ajax App changes the way your users can search and filter ads/listings in DJ-Classifieds.

With this App, you can do much more and make the experience for users much more pleasant and faster also in other areas of DJ-Classifieds.

No more website reloading for:

  • Search results 
  • Filtering results
  • The ordering of the listings
  • Pagination
  • Categories change

AJAX App can do more than just speeding up browsing experience, it is also capable of:

  • Masonry layout
  • Infinite scroll (the effect you can see on Pinterest for example) - pagination is not needed at all - just scroll down and the next listings appear dynamically
  • Progress bar - an indication of loading of the new items in a nice way in the top of the website
  • Update the browser's address bar with the search results URL dynamically

In the App options you can set AJAX behavior for:

  • Pagination - Enables dynamic Ajax also calls in Items view's pagination
  • Infinite scroll (lazy loading) - You can set it to load the next items while scrolling the category/search result page - items will be dynamically loaded during scrolling
  • Grid layout (masonry) - Disables the equal height script, so the items will nicely fit (one after another with different heights) in Masonry layout.
  • Progress bar - enables the scroller bar purposed to show the progress when loading the new items.
  • Sorting - Enables dynamic Ajax also calls in Items view's sorting by columns
  • Categories change - Enables dynamic Ajax also calls in Items view's Categories section
  • Update URL - Enables updating browser's address bar with the search results URL

Additionally, it is possible For search text fields only to enter the time (in milliseconds), after which Ajax call is made, after pressing a key. The field can be left to empty to make Ajax call after the field loses focus.

Check tutorial how to configure and use Ajax App

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With this plan you get 6 months of free updates of this app. Support is available for DJ-Classifieds active subscribers - so you need to have the active DJ-Classifieds subscription to get support for this App.

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Please note: AJAX App works with DJ-Classifieds versions 3.5+ 

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