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Alta User Points App
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DJ-Classifieds Alta User Points

What is AltaUserPoints?

AltaUserPoints provides a powerful user points, medals and ranking application for Joomla and provides a method for users to accumulate points for performing certain actions on the website such as posting articles, inviting new users, inviting people to read an article, and now for earning points for actions in DJ-Classifieds. AltaUserPoints is a great addition to Joomla website to provide an incentive for users to participate in the website and be more active.

How can Alta user points be used with DJ-Classifieds?

AltraUserPoints is a great companion for the DJ-Classifieds points system. AltaUserPoints can be used to earn the points in DJ-Classifieds and later to spend them for DJ-Classifieds actions.

For example, the user can earn a certain number of points for posting an advert and then after accumulating the points, those can be used to be spent on DJ-Classifieds Promotion. All depends on your setup and how you value what actions on your website. Remember that AltaUserPoints is a powerful extension that works with different actions on your page so points earned for the action of one extension can be used as a currency on actions in a different extension.

What can actions in DJ-Classifieds be set to earn the points?

DJ-Classifieds Alta User Points (AUP) integration let users earn points on actions:

  • Advert - Create - Gives point(s) when a registered user creates an advert. When the advert is successfully submitted by the advertiser the set amount of points is added to the account
  • Advert - Edit - Gives point(s) when a registered user edits the advert When the advertiser edits the advert the set amount of points is added to the account
  • Advert - Add Location - Gives point(s) when a registered user adds the location to the advert When advertiser sets or changes the location of the advert points are added
  • Advert - Add Image - Gives point(s) when a registered user adds the image to the advert When the image/picture is added to the advert (during the submission or when editing) the points are added to the account of the advertiser
  • Advert - Add Category - Gives point(s) when a registered user adds the category to advert (works also when editing the advert)
  • Advert - Renew - Gives point(s) when a registered user renews the advert
  • Advert - Auction - Join Auction - Gives point(s) when a registered user joins the auction
  • Advert - BuyNow - Buy product - Gives point(s) when a registered user buys with BuyNow feature

Important: The points mechanism will work only with newly created ads after you install the plugins.


Want to know more?

Read Alta User Points App Tutorial to learn more about installation and setting up the app.

Check also how to display AUP points to the user.

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