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Offers App for DJ-Classifieds

The Offers App for DJ-Classifieds extends the functionality of DJ-Classifieds by giving users possibility of offering their own prices for an item. It's not the same as auctions. Offers don't have to be monetary. There's a simple form when a user can write his offer (for example 100 USD and an iPhone). Only the advertiser can see received offers.

The offers are visible only to the advertiser and are not presented on the Advert page, so only the Seller can see them and decide which offer to choose.

You can use this plugin if you want to post jobs, or any other type of an advertisement and find someone to hire.

The new App opens totally new possibilities for running classified ads portal or different kind of the website. It can be used, for example, for running the website, where someone is searching for the offerings for the services (like "painting my house") and gets the multiple options to choose from.

Basically, it works this way:

An advertiser is posting an advert with the option to get the offers (advertiser can decide if he wants to use the option in his advert), and the potential buyer can suggest other solution than just paying the money.

For example: if the advert says the price of $20 USD, the buyer can post an offer that he will pay $10 USD and additionally can provide a service for the remaining $10. If the Advertiser agrees to the offer, he can accept it as a full payment.

All of the actions are confirmed by emails and in the private area of the users.

The app can be also used on sites when advertisers post jobs to find someone to hire.

Users can post their offers via a simple form:


Learn more about the Offers App from the article:

How Offers App works

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