Joomla! tabs and accordions extension

Use DJ-Tabs to display content in tabs or accordions layouts. It can display single articlesarticles from categories, tags (a great solution for news websites), modulesvideos from Youtube and Vimeo, K2 items, or Custom Text/HTML content. It comes with 16 predefined themes plus you can create your own theme in seconds. DJ-Tabs is a unique solution for tabs in Joomla s it works as a component and you can reuse the same set of tabs in different places, like module position, inside articles, or as menu items. You do not need to use any shortcodes or tags to create the tabs.

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Below is a list of available language packs for DJ-Tabs.
If the translation is not fully complete or missing - fear not - check this article to learn more about how you can translate DJ-Tabs to any language.

Download language packs

  • Turkish 100%
  • Dutch 72.15%
  • Slovenian 74.88%
  • Chinese 74.64%
  • Portuguese-Brasil 72.95%
  • French 72.22%
  • Russian 100%
  • Portuguese 100%
  • German 100%