Let's say you are selling clothing with custom printed text and logo. Or you are selling coffee beans, but you would like to offer grinding as additional service. Or simply - you would like to offer gift wrapping of all the products purchased by your customer. That's possible with Product Customisation option.




In order to define customisation options you need to open "Product Customisations" page in the back-end area and click "New" button.




The available attributes are:

  • name - title of customisation option
  • type - type of customistation determines where the customisation should appear and for which product:
    • any product - the option will be common for all products in your store, but it will appear on the product page, next to "add to cart" button. It is rather useful if you sell similar product
    • whole cart - the option will be available on cart page only and will be treated as an individual item in the order. Useful for "gift wrapping".
    • individual product - the option will have to be assigned by administrator individually to every product in order to become available. The assignment has to be done within a product form, in "Product Customisations" tab.
  • price - cost of single customisation. It can be free of charge - in such case enter "0.0"
  • price modifier:
    • multiply - the customisation, hence it's price will be multplied by the quantity of products affected,
    • single item - the customisation will be treated as single product - regardless of number of products it affects.
  • min / max quantity - minumum and maximum number of products which can be affected by the customisation. Enter "0" (zero) to set no limit.

Additionally you can specify user input fields for each customisation. Those can either be text field or file upload as shown on the picture below: