Friday, 20 January 2012 13:52
Modified: Friday, 06 October 2017 15:02

The DJ-Classifieds component allows assigning additional fields to the advert details from the certain category.
To create a custom field, click on the Extra Fields button from the Control Panel, then click New from the top right toolbar and you will be directed to the page:

dj-cf extra fields

Short description:

  • Label – enter the label of the field
  • Name – enter the name of the field
  • Tooltip description – enter the description of the field
  • Use in – choose where to use the field - user profile, contact section in ad or item description
  • Type – select type of the field
  • Values – values for the custom field, separated by semicolon
  • Default value – default value of the field
  • Default value profile field - select profile field you want to use
  • Field parameters – add additional parameters to the field
  • Published – status of the field
  • Required – choose if the field should be required for the advert details
  • Visible only for admin – set 'Yes' if the filed should be visible for administrator only
  • Blocked for edition - yes/no
  • Show value on click - yes/no
  • Show in table view – choose if field will be displayed in table view
  • Show in blog view – choose if field will be displayed in blog view
  • Show in module – choose if field will be displayed in a module
  • Category assignmentyou can assign an extra field to all or selected categories.

Search options:

  • In search – choose if the field should appear as search attribute in the search module

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