Maps module

The DJ-Classifieds Maps module displays the Google Maps, Baidu Maps, Leaflet Maps (Leaflet Maps is available in the DJ-Classifieds 3.7.6 Beta version only- and using it requires installing the “DJ-Classifieds - Leaflet Maps” plugin) with selected locations of the submitted adverts.

map new

Let's take a look at the module parameters:

Short description:

  • Module Class suffix - enter the class suffix
  • Clustering items – clustering items into groups
  • Map width – enter the map width
  • Map height – enter the map height
  • Items limit – limit of items shown on the map
  • Start address from geoloc - yes/np
  • Default address – default position on the map
  • Map type - select type of Google map
  • Start zoom – enter the default zoom level
  • Ordering – choose the ordering type
  • Categories - select one or more categories, leave empty to select all
  • Follow category – show ads from the currently viewed category
  • Types - select one or more types
  • Follow search results - when you are in search results, map show only adverts from search results
  • Follow advert address - when user is in advert details, map will be centralized on address from this advert
  • Guest adverts - displaying all adverts or only from registered users
  • Zoom control – enable zoom navigation control
  • Mouse zoom scrolling – enable mouse wheel zoom scroling
  • Places search - allows users to center map basing on Google Maps Places search
  • Default country for places API - enter short code of country
  • Custom map styles - enter the custom code

maps module restrict categories     

  • Show only adverts from registered users - This feature can be used to motivate guests to become registered users. The map can display only adverts from registered users. In this case guests adverts wont be displayed in the maps module.

show adverts from reg users

 mapmodule param


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