Friday, 20 January 2012 15:51
Modified: Tuesday, 19 March 2019 14:47

The search module for the DJ-Classifieds component.


The module allows you to display additional search attributes.
Simply select Yes for In search option in the custom field configuration to display custom field as search attribute for a specified category.




Filter by "Buy Now"




searchmodule new

Module parameters:

  • Layout - choose one of the layouts: Vertical, Horizontal, Horizontal - one line (implemented in v. 3.7)
  • Result view-choose if you want to display search results on blog or table layout
  • Default category-select all categories or one choose one of them.
  • Follow category- yes/no (the category will be automatically updated in the search module when browsing categories or adverts. Please note that this feature will not work when using Ajax App. The category will stay same when browsing categories with the Ajax App enabled.)
  • Category filter- display or hide category filter
  • Show ''Category'' label
  • Type of category selector - decide if you want to have each level of the category in different select or all regions in one select.
  • Category ordering
  • Hide empty categories
  • Show custom fields
  • Type filter-display or hide type filter
  • Show ''Type'' label
  • Location filter-display or hide location filter
  • Type of location selector - decide if you want to have each level of the category in different select or all regions in one select.
  • Show ''Location'' label
  • Geolocation - browser geolocation, basing on HTML5
  • Search in a radius of the postcode - allows the user to enter a postcode and select radius in which they want to search ads
  • Search in the radius of address (places API) - allows users to search in some radius of address in hints from Google API.  "Only one of the two fields \"searching by postcode\" or \"searching by address\" can be enabled"
  • Default country for places API - default country for Google maps places API, enter shortcode of country
  • Show ''Range/Address'' label
  • Default country for postcode
  • Radius list - enter radius values, separated by a comma
  • Default radius - set default radius
  • Radius unit - choose radius unit
  • Show ''radius'' label - hide/show
  • Search by word - decide if you want to allow users searching by word
  • Search Autocomplete - hints in search input basing on categories, regions and advert names
  • Show ''Search by word'' label - display or hide the label
  • Price - display or hide price filter
  • Show ''Price'' label - display or hide the label
  • only with images - display or hide 'only with images' filter
  • only with video - display or hide 'only with video' filter
  • Filter 'show only auctions' - display or hide 'show only auctions' filter
  • Filter 'show only Buy Now' - display or hide 'show only Buy Now' filter
  • Time filter - allow users to set the time of publication
  • Show ''When Added'' label - display or hide the label
  • Show 18+ restriction - in search module there will be added a checkbox with label “Include adult ads in search”
  • Reset - decide if you want to display 'reset' as a button, a link or not to display at all


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