Wednesday, 14 August 2013 14:36
Modified: Tuesday, 10 September 2019 15:43

User points module displays a number of points of the registered user along with links to available points packages and user points history.

This module is provided with AIO DJ-Classifieds package, each user with the active subscription can get this package from the download section.

How to find it on your website? 

Open your Joomla backend, go to "Modules" and use the search box. The exact module name to look for is: "DJClassifieds User Points".

user points module

Frontend view

User points module

Backend view

DJCf user points module

Short description:

  • Module class suffix - this is a regular field to enter the module class suffix of you want to get different styling for the module
  • Show user points – choose if you want to display the number of user points
  • Points packages link – choose if you want to display a link to available points packages
  • User points link – choose if you want to display a link to the history of user points
  • Enable cache - yes/no


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