The DJ-Flyer component allows you to create categories and assign items to them. You can also add to every item such details like tooltip description, image thumbnail and short details or full description, if that is not enough, you can link an item to any article as well.

Navigate Components > DJ-Flyer





Let's start with creating an example category. Press New button in the top left corner, then you will see the page:




Enter a name of category and press Save button.

See an example list of categories:




Next step is to create an item. Navigate to Items:




Press New button in the top left corner, then you will see the page:




Short description:

  • Name – enter a name of item
  • Category – choose a category of item
  • Tooltip – enter a tooltip description, it will also appear at the beginning of item description
  • Details – enter a short description of item
  • Article / URL – choose an article or custom URL that item will be linked to
  • Published – choose yes/no if you want to publish item or not
  • Description – enter a full description of item
  • Image – choose an item image
  • Description image / video – choose an item image or video for description

Press Save button.

See an example list of items:




If you want to make some changes in existing item e.g. change an image or a description, you have to edit a proper item.


Remember to check all items and press Recreate Thumbs button in the top left corner, if you have changed thumbnail dimensions in Parameters

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