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DJ-Flyer module

The DJ-Flyer module allows you to display items from categories and all details you have entered by component.
What is more, you can easily manage whether to display description on the side or bottom.

Navigate Extensions → Module Manager and choose DJ-Flyer module.

Let's take a look at Module Parameters:


Module Parameters


Short description:

  • Categories id, separated by coma – enter a category id you want to display
  • Items per page – enter a number of items per page, 0 for no pagination
  • Width of title box – enter the width of title box (measured in pixels)
  • Width of desc box – enter the width of description box (measured in pixels)
  • Order – choose the order of items display
  • Details position – choose the position of description box
  • Show image – choose yes/no if you want to display item image or not
  • Show category name – choose yes/no if you want to display category name or not
  • Show tooltip – choose yes/no if you want to display tooltip or not
  • Time of duration – set the time of effect duration (in miliseconds)
  • Readmore text - insert the custom text for "Readmore" text (can be different for each module) - if the field is empty it pulls the standard "Readmore" text

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