The DJ-Flyer module allows you to display items from categories and all details you have entered by component.
What is more, you can easily manage whether to display description on the side or bottom.

Navigate Extensions → Module Manager and choose DJ-Flyer module.

Let's take a look at Module Parameters:


Module Parameters


Short description:

  • Categories – select categories that you want to display within the module
  • Items per page – enter the number of items to display per page, enter 0 to display all categories on single page
  • Module width – enter the module width
  • Width proportions – choose the width proportions of items and description columns
  • Readmore text – readmore text, leave blank to use default readmore text
  • Item's order in category – choose the order of items in category
  • Position of description – choose the position where you would like to display the item description
  • Show image/video in description – show/hide the image/video from the description area
  • Image/video position in description – choose the position you would like use to display the image/video in the description area
  • Show item's thumb – show/hide thumbnail of the item
  • Show category name - show/hide the name of the category
  • Show item's tooltip - show tooltip
  • Current Itemid - choose whether you would like to use the current Itemid to assign the full article of the item
  • Time of duration (milliseconds) - duration time of mootools effect to display the description