DJ-Suggester gives the possibility to display DJ-Classifieds ads.

Here's a quick look on DJ-Classifieds integration for DJ-Suggester. All options are available in the DJ-Suggester plugin. All you need to do is the proper plugin configuration.

djsuggester plugin tabs

  • DJ-Classifieds Ad Suggestion - Enabled / Disabled
  • Follow category - You can choose to suggest item from the same category as current item or from all available items in filtered categories
  • Follow region - Show adverts only from current region, if this option is enabled selected regions are ignored
  • Order by - Choose the ordering to find suggested item relative to the current one
  • Source - set the source (All adverts / User adverts / Favourite Adverts)
  • Category filter type - Include / Exclude
  • Categories - Select one or more categories, leave empty to select all
  • Regions - Select one or more regions, leave empty to select all
  • Types - Select one or more types, leave empty to select all
  • ID of Adverts - Only adverts from list will be shown
  • ID of Users - Only adverts from those users will be shown
  • Only Promoted ads - Choose promotion
  • Display image - No / Yes
  • Show default image - Show default icon if advert don't have an image
  • Only adverts with images - No / Yes
  • Image type - Choose between Small / Medium / Big
  • DJ-Classifieds Ad header text - Header text for component suggestion

Check the short video related to the this integration and showing how it works: