how to use custom field plugin

Custom Field Plugin for DJ-Catalog2 component allows to add an embed custom field into product's description. You'll be able to display any custom field anywhere in the description just using the short-code.

How to enable the Custom Field plugin

Go to "Extensions" and choose a "Plugin Manager".


Write a plugin's name and find it using search option.


Open the plugin. It's currently disabled. You need to mark as enabled to use it.

Below you can see the plugin's overview:

plugin  overview2

How to use Custom Field plugin correctly

As you can see on the picture above, you need to use insert specified content to chose product's description. 

You can use:

  •  {djc2customfield color} - it displays custom field which alias equals to 'color'.
  •  {djc2customfield specification label="0" unset="0"} - displays custom field which alias equals to 'specifiation', hides its label and allows the attribute to be displayed in standard extra fields table

To use the proper "alias" you need to know your definied extra fields. There are visible in DJ-Catalog2 component "Extra fields" option.


We will show how it works using an example.

Let's paste a "{djc2customfield facilities}" into description. "Facilities" is the alias name of a definied custom field. 


And that's how it looks on the frontpage. As you see, the Custom field is now visible in product's description and it disappared from custom fields table under the description.


Now let's use an another variant. We paste a {djc2customfield facilities label="0" unset="0"} to product description in the same way as we did it before. Our custom field is now displayed in a product's description (without a label) and it's still visible in custom fields table below as well.

customfieldfront2 2


To keep the label visible we need only to change the "label value" from "0" to "1": {djc2customfield facilities label="1" unset="0"} 


There is also another possibility. If you define the "unset" value with other value than "0" this will result with a such view:
customfieldfront2 3

The "Custom fields" table under the description does not contain "Facilities" extra field now.

If you are also using a DJ-Catalog2 Pagebreak plugin (for tabs) please note that for the proper functioning, it should appear as the last element there.