The Coupon generator feature allows to add any number of discount coupons at once.

Open the DJ-Catalog2 control panel and go to “coupons”.

There is a new button available - “generate coupons”.

generate coupons button

How the button works?

There are several settings to configure:

Number of coupons - set the number of coupons
Description - the coupon description appears after the user has entered the code on the front page
Discount type - percent / amount
Discount value - set the value
Restrict reuse - restriction on reuse
Restrict limit - set the limit
Restrict reuse per user - restriction on reuse by the same user
Restrict limit per user - set the limit
Assign to product - specify which product or category it applies
Category restriction - set the restricted category
Excluded product IDs
Assign to user - set the specific user
Published - yes / no
Start date - valid from date
Expired date - valid to date

generate coupons button edition

After setting all data use tge "Generate" button. It generates a coupon list, which later appears in the panel as in the example below:

generated coupons

If you don't want to use the Coupons functionality you can disable them in the DJ-Catalog2 control panel.

Go to DJ-Catalog2 "Options". Choose the "Cart" tab, scroll down to "Shopping cart settings" and disable coupons.

enable coupons