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Wednesday, 22 February 2017 12:29
Modified: Monday, 27 February 2017 11:00


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With the updated DJ-Classifieds Files Attachments App you can let users upload private documents for the administrator.

Those files will be visible only for website administrator and owner of the files (the user). None of those will be visible or published on the front.

This feature is super useful if you want to let users upload documents for instance to validate them (for example sending ID or other documents scans to validate the user). Of course, it's not limited to that, and you can let them upload any files with this feature.

How to enable attachments in user's profile

First, go to your Joomla backend and go to Plugins -> DJ-Classifieds - Files Attachments and enable the feature Uploader in profile.


and Save the settings.

How to use attachments in profile from user's perspective

Once the feature is enabled in the plugin each user when editing the profile will see new uploader for the files:


  1. here's where the user can upload files (with a click or just by drag and drop feature)
  2. the uploaded files are visible over the uploader
  3. once files are uploaded user clicks "Save" to send photos or documents to the Administrator.

Hint: The user can see, edit, delete the files anytime by editing the profile again.

How website administrator can check the attachments uploaded by user

Web site administrator can check users' uploaded files by going to Components -> DJ-Classifieds -> User Profiles,


opening the user's profile that needs to be checked and clicking the Attachments tab.


Hint: The Administrator can also upload the files there, and they will be visible in user's profile same way as the user would upload it. In some cases, this can be useful to be used as exchanging documents feature between him and website administrator.

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