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In this short tutorial we will describe how to configure and how to use Points Packages for DJ-Classifieds Joomla component.


Open the DJ-Classifieds component.

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 Go to "Points Package" and click "New".

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 As you see below, you can define:

  • Name
  • Number of points
  • Total Price

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It's important to to click "Save" and set access restrictions.

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There are several groups to choose from. We choose "Registered" - it means that only registered users will be able to buy packages.

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Do not forget to "Save" your settings.

Now we will assign the Point Packages to a Menu Item.

Click "Menus" in the Top Bar, choose "Main Menu" and then "Add New Menu Item".

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It is reuired to define a "Menu Item title" and "Menu item type". Type a title and click "Select" button for a menu type.

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Now choose DJ-Classifieds and "Points Packages". 

Points Packages are now configured. This option is visible on the Frontpage and registered users can buy the packages.

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Functioning in practice

Let's see how it works. Remember that this option works for registered users only. Go to the frontpage and login with your username and password.

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Now click the menu item "Buy points packages" that you have just added.

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There is a "Main Package" available to choose. All values are the same as defined. Click "Buy now".

2015-08-05 06-52-25

Now you are able to buy a package using of possible DJ-Classifieds payment methods.


When user owns a points he is able to use them - buy extra categories, extra images or pay for ads promotion for example. All informations about how to pay with points in DJ-Classifieds you can find in our another tutorial:




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