How to present ads as slides

Our DJ-Classifieds component has a built-in slider which gives the possibility to display ads in an attractive way - as an additional module (located anywhere on the site ) and in many possible ways.

To enable the slider go to module manager. Choose the “DJ-Classifieds items” module and go to “advanced” tab.

Now choose the “Slider” from “alternative layout”.



The module gives a huge of parameters to configure.

You can set:

  • Number of enabled items 
  • Number of visible columns
  • Slides ordering 
  • Adverts source for your slides
  • Show or hide - date, category, price, type,region, description 
  • And many more


Below you can see the main "DJ-Classifieds items" module options:

backend-ustawienia pozycja


We have published this module at main-top position to show you few possible views:

1. Classic view with 2 ads items:


2. Another view, without descriptions and titles:

2-without any infos

3. Bigger view, with 4 ads and all details:



DJ-Classifieds extension is also integrated with DJ-MediaTools component.

It means that you are able to use DJ-Classifieds ads as a source of DJ-MediaTools Albums.

"DJ-MediaTools Source - DJ-Classifieds" plugin is responsible for that.

DJ-MediaTools allows to create slideshows and galleries using many features (customize effects like transition effect, slide duration and more)

and present them in a very attractive way.

Below you can see plugins' source settings:

mediatools ads

And here we present the example of DJ-MediaTools gallery using Grid view:

mediatools album




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