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Modified: Thursday, 25 May 2017 15:01
  1. First you need to download and install J!MailAlerts. You'll find relevant information on developer's site: http://techjoomla.com/jmailalerts/view-category.html (be sure to be logged in to download the extension - it's free)
  2. Once installed you need to download jma_latestads_djcf.zip plugin from: http://dj-extensions.com/downloads/doc_download/146-jmailalerts-plugin (this plugin as available for download for all active subscribers of DJ-Classifieds)

Installing & Configuring jma_latest_ads plugin is really simple:

  1. Install the package plugin as any other extension, through Extension Manager.
  2. Go to Plug-in Manager to enable it.


Set some Parameters there, that will be used as default setting on frontend when user setup alerts:

  • Plugin Title - Title displayed in J!MailAlerts email
  • Max. Number of Ads - Maximum number of ads to display
  • User Filter - Select whether to display all the ads or just these added by users with administrator rights
  • Categories - Choose DJ-Classifieds categories that will be choosen by default
  • Restricted Categories - DJ-Classifieds categories from which the latest ads will NOT be displayed

2015-07-28 14-08-08

Go to Extensions -> JMailAlerts component and edit your Alert template.


Place [jma_latestads_djcf] tag in the template editor wherever you want the latest DJ-Classifieds ads to be displayed.



Configuration for a front-end user is even quicker

First you need to setup new menu link that will point to alerts setting so each user on frontend can setup their own preferences and choose from which categories they want to get notifictions. 

1. Click "Add new menu item" (in our case it's main menu, but of course it can be any menu)

2015-07-28 14-13-35

2. Give your new item a name and click "select" to choose the type of the menu

2015-07-28 14-16-00

3. Choose JMailAlerts - > Email alerts preferences

2015-07-28 14-18-06

4. All set now on frontend in the menu you specified new menu item appeared and your users can use it right away!

2015-07-28 14-20-23


From now every user on your site that clicks the link mentioned above will see this screen where it's possible to manage alerts preferences: 

2015-07-28 14-24-00


Those are basic settings of the DJ-Classifieds plugin for JMailAlerts. If you want to explore all possible settings like cron, simulations etc. in this great component check documentation on TechJoomla site here: 

If you have any questions related to DJ-Classifieds plugin for JMailAlerts let us know in comments. 



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