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ver. 3.5.5

23 November, 2021
  • (+) Possibility to specify Google Maps API keys (both Browser and Server ones) which are required by geocoding and maps display - Google Maps Geocoding API and Google Maps JavaScript API.
  • (+) Possibility to apply watermarks onto product, category and producer images.
  • (+) Possibility to provide SKU code inside front-end Product Form.
  • (+) Added sub-menu entries to Joomla back-end menu for most commonly used component views.
  • (!) Corrected problems with back-end router - caused when used by 3rd party applications.
  • (!) Fixed issue with Joomla Mailer when list of e-mail (TO) recipients was empty. Now each message is always being sent to Joomla global e-mail address regardless of BCC recipients specified in component configuration.
  • (!) Corrected issues with Finder plugin.
  • (!) Corrected issues with Filters Module Helper.
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