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ver. 2.1

23 November, 2021

package ver. 2.1

  • now 5 types of promotion available instead of one
  • now you can set the duration of the ad and charge for different durations
  • picture title is hidden if there are no pictures displayed
  • 'contact' area can be disabled
  • Items Module - select if you want to show short or full description with full HTML 
  • component title added
  • in user's ads date of expiration was added (with colors - green - active, red - inactive)
  • classified renewal now adds the remaining days from previous ad 
  • fixed ordering problem in user's ads
  • currency character is now hidden when there's no price given
  • user's ads - removed description and date displayed
  • cancel button while adding and editing an ad
  • admin panel - creation date added on ads table
  • in administrator panel in ad details added info about when the ad was added and for how long
  • improved by price search
  • improved reset button
  • in custom fields when the ';' is used text 'Filter all' was added  
  • improved checkbox search
  • show/hide author option added
  • possibility to select if admin notification emails should be sent when new ad is added/ when the ad is edited
  • description limited to 500 characters in tooltip

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