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ver. 3.4.2 beta

23 November, 2021
  1. (!) Custom fields translation disabled for type 'inputbox'
  2. (!) Resolved problem with translating locations in DJ-Classifieds Items module.
  3. (!) Problem with multiple modules DJ-Classifieds Items sliders
  4. (!) Resolved tooltip issue on smart table
  5. (!) Problem with transparent watermarks added on png files.
  6. () Better regions path calculation
  7. () Faster coordinates generation.
  8. (!) Search results on Map module when searching by Google API address
  9. (!) Search results counter when searching on categories.
  10. (!) Sorting subcategories via name on adverts creation.
  11. (!) Adverts limit not overwritten by subscription plan
  12. () Different email to guest user after advert publication.
  13. () [SP] info about active subscription plans in new advert form.
  14. (!) [SP] automatic activation of free plans
  15. (!) Categories menu "Show only current level" and "Expand type" parameters conflict
  16. (+) Possibility to send message to adverts autor in administrator
  17. () Sorting adverts via reviews
  18. () Category filter in custom fields in administrator
  19. (!) Problem with non latin names of auctions Bidders
  20. () Unlimited number of days on the end
  21. (!) Better support for edition adverts added via Subscription plans
  22. (!) Fix for proper displaying "Never expire"
  23. (!) Auctions - fixed winner details info send in email
  24. () Selection sorting fields in Smart Table view
  25. (+) Direct Paypal payments
  26. (!) Problem with menu titles when no Itemid selected on adverts list.
  27. (+) Payable types.
  28. () New email after adding points to user account
  29. () Image gallery support for mobile devices
  30. () Possibility to display type labels during advert creation
  31. (!) Resolved problems with publishing and ordering promotions on list
  32. () Possible to hide custom fields in search
  33. () [SP] Expired plans and actived plans splitted to separate blocks
  34. (!) [SP] Deleted add advert button in expired plans
  35. () [SP] Message in add advert page when user have subscription plan
  36. () [SP] New parameter "Plan required?" - Adverts can be added only via subscription plans
  37. () [SP] New parameter "Plan autoselect" - If user have active plan then it will be automatically applied during advert creation
  38. () [SP] New view in administrator where you can manage Users Subscription Plans
  39. () Parameter to make Images required in advert edition
  40. (!) [SP] When some element like website was disabled in global configuration but enabled in Subscription Plan detail page doesn't applied this setting
  41. (!) Ajax loaded categories ordering in DJ-Classifieds Search module basing on parameters
  42. () Ajax hints on module search
  43. () Search adverts by ID in administrator
  44. (!) Added support of system captcha in registration form.
  45. (!) Added missing container for duration selection field durring advert creation.
  46. (!) Support for jpeg images.
  47. () Profile fields in registration now ordered by ordering set in administrator not name
  48. (!) [SP] Fixed user group assignment

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