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ver. 2.3.0

23 November, 2021

DJ-MediaTools ver. 2.3.0

  • possibility to choose or create new upload folder in multiple image upload - if no folder is choosen then DJ-MediaTools will create new folder for saved album based on its id and alias
  • quick and easy video adding in album layout form - now you can just paste the video link and video item with thumbnail and video title will be added to the items list similar as it works with multiple image upload
  • resized images are saved in the same folder structure as original image - if original image is located in images/djmediatools/folder1/folder2/image.jpg then thumbnail will be created in media/djmediatools/cache/folder1/folder2/image.jpg
  • added automatic recreating thumbnails when original image is newer than thumbnail - you probably will not need to use purge thumbnails feature anymore.
  • added folder browser for folder source plugin instead of typing the folder path
  • fixed few minor bugs

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