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ver. 3.6.0

23 November, 2021

Blog post about this release: Introducing DJ-MegaMenu with Vertical Menu orientation

Tutorial related to this release: How to create Joomla vertical menu with DJ-MegaMenu

  • (+) added orientation option to allow displaying mega menu vertically or horizontally [PRO]
  • (+) added "hidden" mobile menu option which allows hiding mega menu, but without displaying mobile menu for defined window width
  • (+) improved layout of option groups headings and notes in the module and menu item settings
  • (+) improved sticky menu mode which now doesn't duplicate the menu to created a placeholder and calculate proper menu position
  • (+) improved switching between mega and mobile menu - now the menu which is not in use (not visible) is detached from HTML document, so the search engines won't see duplication of the menu content
  • (!) fixed displaying arrows for the menu item which contains children, but they are not displayed in the menu
  • (!) fixed page jumping to the open mobile menu button after closing the off-canvas menu
  • (!) fixed window scrolling for links containing hash part (e.g. on "one-page website")
  • (!) changed default menu wrapper to body document tag
  • (!) fixed - the double inclusion of animate.min.css and animate.ext.css files when two modules used on the same page
  • (!) fixed notice HTTP_USER_AGENT index not exists
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