You can think about field groups as a product types.

Imagine business with several types of vehicles (cars, boats and planes). Each vehicle type has it's unique set of parameters. For example, for cars it would be:

  • car body type
  • number of doors
  • engine capacity

In this case you can create field group "car". 'Car body type', 'number of doors' and 'engine capacity' would be fields assigned to this group.

Your customers can use fields to search and filter your products.


New field group

  • Name - enter name of new field group


New field

  • Name - enter name of new field
  • Image label - optionally browse image which will be field label
  • Alias - enter alias
  • Field group - choose filed group
  • Field type - select from text, textarea, select, radio, checklist
  • Required - Choose if field will be required
  • Visible in - select on which views parameter will be displayed
  • Separate column - Applies only to table layout. When enabled, the attribute will be displayed in separate column
  • Use in filters - select if parameter will be used in filters (only select, radio and checkbox)
  • Use in search - select if field will be used in search
  • Sortable - Choose if you want to allow ordering by this field
  • Published - publish/unpublish field