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Img to WebP Free Joomla plugin

Improve site speed, SEO ranking, bounce rate, and user experience with automated site image optimization to Google's preferred image format.

What is the .webp format?

And why it's worth trying the DJ-WebP plugin?

Providing the website images in the new format (WebP) is one of the essential factors that can help in higher rankings for the websites. Having that in mind, when optimizing websites, for one of our clients, we have created a plugin that helps in converting .jpg and .png formats to .webp.

According to Wikipedia:
WebP is an image format employing both lossy and lossless compression. It is currently developed by Google, based on technology acquired with the purchase of On2 Technologies.

Where the plugin works?

DJ-WebP is not any extension-specific, so it works with any extension, article images, etc. You decide what folders should be processed.

DJ-Webp can help you reduce the time needed to load the page, especially on websites that are heavy on images, for example, DJ-Mediatools, DJ-Catalog2, DJ-Classifieds produce many images and pictures. All of our extensions were tested and work great with DJ-WebP.

How DJ-WebP works

Once the plugin is published and set, it processes all the files you want it to, and serve them in .webp format instead of the original formats. It makes your website faster by loading the images in the best available format. You can decide the quality of the images and...

Set the options as you need

  • select directories/folders to be processed (in selected folders plugin searches for the images and replaces them with .webp when processing the website)
  • exclude particular directories or even files from processing (if you want to keep some of them in original format for any reason
  • select images formats to be processed (choose .png, .jpg or both formats)
  • set the quality of processed images (lower quality - smaller file size)
  • exclude menu items that you do not want to be processed
  • Verify if your server and browser support .webp format
  • Set storing time of the images (so how often the files should be processed again)
  • Purge .webp files if needed

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