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DJ-EasyContact module
DJ-EasyContact module 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes.

DJ-EasyContact is a free simple contact form module for Joomla.

To open module's settings Navigate Extensions > Module Manager and choose DJ-EasyContact module.


Email Parameters

  • Load jQuery - set if jQuery will be loaded
  • Styles - choose style
  • Email in Form - choose yes/no - if email field id is displayed
  • Email Recipient - enter email recipient address
  • Mail From Email - set the email of message's sender
  • Senders name - enter senders name
  • Default Subject - enter default subject
  • Email with thanks - choose if send email with thanks to user
  • Thanks subject - enter text of 'thank you' subject
  • Thanks message - enter text of 'thank you' message

Text Parameters

  • Intro Text - Introtext at the top of the module
  • Message Type - choose between text input or textarea
  • Message Label - enter message label


  • Enable reCAPTCHA - set yes/no to use reCaptcha
  • reCaptcha Site Key - set the site key
  • reCaptcha Secret Key - set the secret key

Module Class Suffix Parameters

  • Module Class Suffix - If you want to apply custom style, change this class suffix


  • Caching - Select whether to cache the content of this module
  • Cache Time - The time before the module is recached
  • Module Tag - The HTML tag for module
  • Bootstrap Size - An option to specify how many columns the module will use
  • Header Tag - The HTML tag for module header/title
  • Header Class - The CSS class for module header/title
  • Module Style - Use this option to override the template style for it's position
User Rating:  (2)

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