The DJ-MediaTools Album module allows displaying the album in a chosen module position.

You need to choose an album to display by setting the first option in the module settings (Album).

All other parameters are optional and you need to change them only if you want to override some of them compared to global component settings or album settings.

DJ MediaTools module album

  • Album - choose DJ-MediaTools album to display
  • Preset - Inherit / None
  • Album layout - choose album layout from the list or overrides in templates
  • Images effect - select the images effect transition
  • Description effect - choose the animation effect for item descriptions
  • Sort by - sort items by ordering / file names or randomize the ordering 
  • Image on-click behavior - choose a behavior of the clicked image
  • Video playback - choose whether the full video should be played in the popup window or directly in the slideshow
  • Use watermarks - allows applying watermarks onto images


  • Image width - image width in pixels
  • Image height - image height in pixels
  • Image resizing - select the method of resizing images
  • Image quality - set the quality
  • Thumbnail width - thumbnail width in pixels
  • Thumbnail height - thumbnail height in pixels
  • Max visible images - set the maximum number of displayed images at once
  • Space between images - space between images in pixels
  • Items Limit - set the maximum number of items to be loaded into the album
  • Skip first X items - you can skip first few album items to start displaying album from some desire item


  • Show thumbnails - show or hide image thumbnails
  • Tab indicator - choose the behavior of the tab indicator
  • Tab width - tab width in pixels
  • Tab height - tab height in pixels
  • Tabs position - choose tabs area position
  • Tab title limit - limit the number of characters in a slide title to show in a tab

Module album DJ Media Tools

Inherit and empty input means that the given value will be taken from general settings. The hierarchy of inheriting from lowest to highest priority: Global component settings » Album settings » Module settings

The Album module comes with many more setting to configure. They are available in module tabs. Check descriptions below:

Menu assignment tab

Module menu assignment

You can decide where the module will be an assignment. 

Layout Element Options

Layout element options

Item elements options

  • Show Title - show or hide title items.
  • Link title - make the title items linkable.
  • Title limit - limit the number of characters in a slide title to show in a description box.
  • Show description - show or hide item descriptions
  • Link description - make the item description linkable
  • Description limit - limit item description to specified number of characters
  • Show readmore - show or hide readmore links
  • Readmore text - change the text of readmore link.
  • Show EXIF - show or hide EXIF info from image file.
  • exif_info - choose which EXIF info to show and in what order.

Album elements options

  • Autoplay - choose if slider should automatically start on page load.
  • Pause autoplay - pause autoplay when mouse cursor is over the slider.
  • Show play/pause - you can hide or show button for start and stop auto sliding. 
  • Show next/prev -  you can hide or show buttons for navigate to next and previous item.
  • Show dots navigation - show or hide dots slider navigation.

Customize layout

Customize layout tab settings are described here.

Other options

Other options

Module Class Suffix - a suffix to be applied to the CSS class of the module.

Caching - Use the global cache setting to cache the content of this module or disable caching for this module.

Cache Time - The time in seconds before the module is recached.


Advanced options

  • Module Tag - the HTML tag for module
  • Bootstrap Size - an option to specify how many columns the module will use
  • Header Tag - the HTML tag for module header/title
  • Header Class - the CSS class for module header/title
  • Module Style - use this option to override the template style for its position

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