Presets in DJ-MediaTools lets you save and re-use specific settings for different albums.

How to create presets

You can find the Presets settings in DJ-MediaTools component. Open Components -> DJ-MediaTools and click "Presets" in the left column.


Once the Presets link is clicked you will see all the Album settings (layout type, effects, on-click behavior, dimensions, an all layout and album elements options, etc. basically all you can find in the Album options) that can be changed and saved as a preset.

To create a preset - make changes to the Album settings available in the Presets, choose a preset name and type it in the "Preset name" field, click "Create new" (1).

Saved presets are available in the select list in "Preset" setting (2). Once the preset is selected, it will load all the Album settings saved in that preset.


The preset can be later modified and saved as a copy if you want to slightly change its settings or create a new preset based on the previously created one. To do so, simply select the Preset from the select list (1) and make changes in the settings. Once you're ready, give a new name for the modified preset and click "Save as copy".

How to use presets

The preset can be selected in "Basic album options" tab as a first setting when:

  1. Creating or editing a new Album in DJ-MediaTools component
  2. Creating or editing existing menu item to DJ-MediaTools component view


How to manage presets from the front-end

You can use the tag to display the album right inside the article: Read more about this method: DJ-MediaTools content plugin (this is the solution you want to use if you're going to have different presets used in Joomla articles)

It is also possible to set the default preset when adding the album to the article with the editor button pluginHow to change the settings of the album inserted with editor button? (this is the solution to use if you want to keep all the Albums in the Joomla articles consistent with the same layout and settings)

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