System - DJ-Messages plugin

This plugin is responsible for managing the users and the messages. Go to Extensions -> Plugins and find the System - DJ-Messages plugin and open it.

system djmessages plugin


1. Show on front-end: Displays additional parameters on front-end profile form

Once this setting is set to "Yes" users will see these parameters in their profile. Each user can change this setting anytime:


2. Show on registration: Displays additional parameters on front-end registration form

When this setting is set to "Yes" user will see the same setting as in the screenshot above when registering to your Joomla site.

3. Show in settings: displays additional parameters which can be changed within DJ-Messages settings panel.

4. Accept messages: Choose whether users should be able to receive messages from internal Messaging system by default

5. Public profiles: Choose profiles should be visible to others by default

If set to Yes, all users will by default become visible in the DJ-Messages Users module (Read about it below)

This plugin works with core Joomla registration and profiles, as well as with DJ-Classifieds registration and profile.
Learn more about DJ-Classifieds registration plugin and DJ-Classifieds profiles.

DJ-Classifieds - DJ-Messages integration plugin

This plugin is responsible for intercepting all messages sent by the "Contact this advertiser" form in DJ-Classifieds. Once enabled each message sent via the form will be sent via the DJ-Messages PMS system.

Learn more about DJ-Messages and DJ-Classifieds integration.

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