Reviews list

When you enter "Reviews" in the DJ-Reviews component backend you will see a list of all reviews submitted by all users.


  1. Search box if you want to find the particular review
  2. Select box to filter reviews by state (published/unpublished)/reported)
  3. Filter by reviews group 
  4. Filter by object type 
  5. Column with the review title (sortable)
  6. Column with the item type (so you can see which extension's item was reviewed/rated) (sortable)
  7. Rating group name (sortable)
  8. Item title - a title of the item that was reviewed or rated (sortable)
  9. Author - name of the author of the review (sortable)
  10. Nickname/login - of the user that reviewed or rated the item (sortable)
  11. Date - date of the review
  12. Published - state of the review (sortable, actionable)
  13. ID - ID of the review (sortable)

Editing review's details 

The administrator can edit or unpublish each review. Click on the review title to enter the edit state of it.


  • Title
  • Message
  • Published - Published / Unpublished / Reported
  • Author
  • Nickname/login
  • Email
  • Created date - Created date
  • Created by - The user who created this
  • ID