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how does access restrictions for categories work

Access Restrictions feature in DJ-Classifieds allows setting different restrictions for a chosen category. 

Essentially, it is convenient when you allow specific users to perform specific actions within a given category.

Open the DJ-Classifieds component and go to "Categories". You can add a new category or edit an existing one.

Choose "New" or "Edit" selected category and open the "Access Restrictions" tab.

Category edition

There are few options to choose from:

Access only for adults

It is possible to restrict access to a given category only for adult users, forcing them to confirm they are over 18 years old, before showing the category content.

You can choose between "Default/Inherit" or "Restricted".

access for adults

Viewing Access Restrictions

You can restrict the viewing access of the category to a certain Joomla! Viewing Access Level.

viewing access restrictions

Viewing advert details Access Restrictions

You can restrict the viewing access for the advert details to a certain Joomla! Viewing Access Level.

viewing advert details restrictions

Adding Access Restrictions

You can restrict access for posting ads to the category to certain user groups.

Choose between "Deafult/Inherit" and "Restricted". Choosing "Restricted" will let you then choose the specific user groups.

adding access restrictions

Ads limit (per user)

A limit of ads that the user can add in the category can be defined here. A limit of 0 means no limits.

If we set a limit for the parent category and leave 0 for the subcategory, the limit applies only to ads added directly to the parent category, and in the case of subcategories the parent limit is not inherited - the limit for the subcategory must be defined separately.

If the user's ads limit has been reached, he will not be able to use the "renew" option for an expired ad (a message will appear.)

It is not possible to delete active ads when the limit is set (a message will appear), ads can be deleted only after their expiration date.

Ads limit per user



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