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How to add new extra field in DJ-Classifieds
How to add new extra field in DJ-Classifieds 4.5 out of 5 based on 23 votes.

how to add new extra field

It's easy to add a new custom field to your category in DJ-Classifieds.

Just follow this simple tutorial to get it working.

  1. First navigate to the DJ-Classifieds component and open the "Extra fields" icon
  2. next click the "new" icon in top right area to start adding new extra field
  3. in the "Field" view start adding your extra field, you can choose the name and label, type of the extra field (inputbox, textarea, selectlist, radio, checkbox), fill the values and set additional settings (in search, published, required)
  4. now navigate to the "categories" tab and open the category you want to add the extrafield to
  5. click "Manage custom fields" 
  6. find your new extra field and select it , then click "Save"
  7. now when adding a new classified to the category you specified you'll see the new extrafield 

Remeber that you need to repeat the procedure (points 4-7) for every category you want this field to appear.


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Friday, 07 September 2012 08:20
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