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How to set field groups for custom fields in the registration 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 votes.

There is a possibility to create a group of custom fields in the registration form and assign them to Joomla groups.

It allows to display different fields for different groups. 

To configure this feature, open the DJ-Classifieds component and go to "Field groups".

field groups

In Fields group section you can create groups for custom fields. Click the "New" button.

new field group

You need to provide

  • name of group,
  • source of fields (Category fields, Contact fields, Profile/Registration fields)
  • Joomla group to which user will be assigned after registration

For registration you need to choose "Profile/Registration fields".

business group

Then in field edition you can assign fields to suitable groups. Go to "Fields" in DJ-Classifieds component and choose "New".

field new

Assign the field to the chosen group and click "Save".

edit field

Then during registration automatically are showed fields not assigned to any of group.

registration field

After selecting account type new fields are loaded.

registration field business

After registration only administrator can change group of user.

field group private


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