Friday, 28 December 2018 10:28
Modified: Friday, 27 September 2019 14:49


Support for OpenStreetMaps in DJ-Classifieds component

DJ-Classifieds uses the Google Maps API by default. To enable OpenStreetMaps maps, you need to publish the “DJ-Classifieds - Leaflet Maps” because it is disabled by default. 

leaflet plugin Joomla

After enabling the plugin in the global DJ-Classifieds options (as well as in map modules), the map provider will change automatically:

Map provider settings

For the proper work of the plugin, it is required to use the latest version of the DJ-Classifieds component. The installed and enabled plugin allows you automatically to start using OpenStreetMaps instead of other interactive maps.

In the advert details view, advert submission form and generating geographical coordinates from advert address or searched address.


The view on the advert page:

front view

DJ-Classifieds map module view:

map leaflet module

If you have any ideas about improving this feature, please leave a comment or contact us any other way. Thank you for your feedback.

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