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Wednesday, 02 December 2015 14:08
Modified: Monday, 07 January 2019 12:28
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DJ-Classifieds registration plugin

With registration plugin for DJ-Classifieds you can overwrite regular Joomla registration and allow users to fill fields that will be then visible in their DJ-Classifieds profile.

This plugin comes free with the subscription of the extension.
You'll find it installed (you may need to enable it manually) after extension's installation, alternatively it's available in downloads section (available for active subscribers).

The DJ-Classifieds registration solution comes with 3 plugins:

  • plg_djcflassifieds_registration.zip - main registration plugin
  • plg_system_djcfregistration.zip - this plugin redirects from regular registration to DJ-Classifieds registration
  • plg_djcflassifieds_acymailing.zip - allows to add user to AcyMailing during registration (This plugin works ONLY when AcyMailing component is installed and in use)

Active subscribers can download the package with plugins from here. Note: Remember to unzip first!

I assume, that you already have a running website with DJ-Classifieds component and database of ads. If not, then firstly read the documentation and tutorials:

and tutorials about profile options:

I’ll show you step by step how to set DJ-Classifieds registration plugin.

Plugins installation

Go to Extensions->Manage-> Choose file “plg_djcflassifieds_registration.zip” and click Upload & Install.

You should see the message:

Do the same with “plg_system_djcfregistration.zip” and “plg_djcflassifieds_acymailing.zip” files.


Go to Extensions-> Plugins and make sure, that installed plugins are enabled. If some of them is disabled, enable it.


Let's go

Now let's move on to the merits. Our registration form looks like that:

and we want it to look like this:

As You can see there are a new field in registration form- “eye color
And view of custom profile:

Here we have new field, too. I want to add new field in Profile and allow the user to fill this field during the registration process.

Go to Components-> DJ-Classifieds-> Fields and click New

Set fields as follow:

Type label, Use in-> Custom fields in Profile, Choose Type of fields and type Values, Select Required-> Yes, In registration-> Yes. Click Save and Close
Well done. Our registration form has increased by one item.

Now let's register a new user.

As you nca see the plugin displayed a new registration look with profile field visible:

I don’t fill in required field, so when clicked Save a message asking for the fill in missing information was displayed.

OK, now profile have all required information. Profile looks like that:


Acymailing support

As You can see in registration form there is new field available: Sign up for our newsletter. This is due from “plg_djcflassifieds_acymailing.zip”. Now anyone can opt in to the newsletter during registering.

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