Wednesday, 05 October 2016 13:29
Modified: Wednesday, 11 September 2019 16:13

This is a real time saver for users!

Connect profile extra fields with Category or Contact custom fields

The administrator can connect user profile fields with Category and Contact fields. This way fields will be autocompleted with data that do not need to be entered each time users submit ads.

So, in other words: the custom field value filled by the user in his profile details will become the default custom field value when submitting the new advert and it will not be necessary to be filled again.

Exemplary usage:

Create extra profile field: Facebook FanPage  

Profile extra field
Create extra field in contact: Facebook FanPage

Extra field in contact

*make sure you have selected the profile field you created in the first step in "Default value - profile field"!

Now, when a user submits new advert the "Facebook FanPage" field will be automatically filled with data provided in user's profile.

Connect profile extra fields with core fields

This option works in the similar way to the above one with one exception: the profile extra fields are connected with the core fields instead of the Category or Contact extra fields.

This way, when posting a new ad, the core field will be auto-filled with the content of the profile extra field filled by the user during registration ("In registration" option must be slected to "Yes") or profile edit.

Available core fields which you can autofill with profile extra fields:

  • Contact
  • Address
  • Postcode
  • Video link
  • Website

Exemplary usage:

Create extra profile field: Video Link

Profile extra field

Now, when user submits new advert, the core field "Video Link" will be filled in with the value of the "Video Link" profile extra field.

The other solution that can make user's life easier is the "Copy advert" functionality.  



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