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DJ-Classifieds Shipping plugin

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to install and customize shipping options, using DJ-Classifieds component.

I assume, that you already have a running website with DJ-Classifieds component and database of ads. If not, then firstly read the documentaction:

The shipping plugins are available for free for all DJ-Classifieds subscribers. Once you're logged in with your active account you can access downloads section of those plugins.

    1. Install “” file.
      Go to Extensions-> Manage-> Choose file (and choose “” file)-> click Upload & Install

      You should see a message:

      Do it the same with “” file.
    2. Go to Extensions-> Plugins-> DJ-Classifieds - Shipping and enable plugin if it’s disable (click red cross icon beside plugin name)

    3. Go to Components-> DJ-Classifieds-> Shippings. You will see two sample shipping options. Now I'll show you how to make your own. Click New.

      • Type name of shipping
      • Plugin-> choose “plg_djclassifiedsshipping_djcfStandard
      • Price- type price of shipping
      • Description- type description
      • Click Save and Close.

    4. Go to Items tab and choose any item.

      • Go to Shipping tab
      • In “Shipping methods” and set shipping, that you create before as “Yes”.
      • Price- for each items could be default, or you can also customize it to fit your needs, by typing own value.
      • Click Save and Close.

    5. How it looks on frontend of site? Let's assume, that seller wants to add advert on frontend. He fills all the required fields (I don't describe it here), and at the end, change shipping options. Seller can select / deselect specific shipping method and change its price.

  1. Well done! Now I’ll test shipping option. I’m a customer who wants to “buy now” the product and select shipping.

    As You can see customer can choose shipping option. After choice total price changes from 800 to 809 USD (our shipping price).
    After purchase, the customer (Jane Doe) receives an e mail:

    The seller is also informed about purchase:

    Check out how it looks on our demosite:

When the shipment have a $ 0.00 value you can use the "Free Shipping" option!

Hope this tutorial explains the shipping functionality for DJ-Classifieds.

If you have any questions or suggestions - leave a comment!

Shipping plugin documentation



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