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how to use falang with dj-mediatools

Read a short tutorial about how to use FaLang with DJ-MediaTools for Joomla. This will allow you to translate DJ-MediaTools to any language you want.

Falang is a 3rd party extension integrated with DJ-MediaTools component. You can translate such content elements:

  • Albums
  • Items


1. Install DJ-MediaTools.

2. Install a FaLang extension.

Click the link to learn more about the installation process:

3. Install Falang content elements (xml) for DJ-MediaTools v.1.3.4+ which are neccessary for translation of DJ-MediaTools extension. This installation goes as for a regular Joomla extension.


XML files are available at download section here.

Don't forget to publish the "FaLang Language Switcher" module in position where you want it to appear. All Falang plugins should be also enabled.



Open the Falang extension.

opening Falang extension

Installed files are visible in "Content elements installed" tab.

see content elements installed


To translate DJ-MediaTools albums, open "Translation" tab in Falang, select the language on the right side and DJ-MediaTools albums.

You'll see the list of available items ( At the moment there is only one album published on the frontpage)

available dj-mediatools albums

If you want to translate DJ-MediaTools items, do the same but select Items.

available dj-mediatools items

After selecting album or item from the displayed list, it's possible to change item's or albums' title and description. Do not forget to mark it as published.

Use the "Save" button when you'll be ready.

translate title and description 

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