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DJ-Classifieds release brings a set of useful improvements
04 December 2019
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DJ-Classifieds release brings a set of useful improvements

26 November, 2021

More specifically, this update comes with over 30 changes including:

  • an option to show profile fields on profiles view

When setting/editing the fields in the administration area of DJ-Classifieds, you can select if the field content will be displayed on the list. If you choose that setting for the profile fields, they will appear on the Profiles list. It works exactly the same as for the items' extra fields.

  • showing distance from searched address on ads lists

Until now, the feature worked that when the user clicked on the "show distance" link on items list - the distance was count based on the user's location and never change keeping the distance from the current user's location.

Now, additionally, when the user uses the location in the search and filters module - the distance value is being replaced with the one that calculates the distance based on the address entered in the search module.

  • and many many more

See the complete list of changes at the changelog.

Don't forget to update your DJ-Classifieds extension. The update is available via the updater and you can also download the AIO package directly from the download section.

More information about the latest update:

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