Friday, 15 June 2018 12:14
Modified: Friday, 15 June 2018 13:30

DJ MegaMenu 3.7 update

We have just released a new version of DJ-MegaMenu which comes with an interesting feature.

New mobile button options

We have added a new option that allows choosing from 3 different designs of mobile menu button. You can choose between icon, icon with text and text only (1). What is more, for the text option you can type a custom text (2).

DJ MegaMenu 3.7 new option

Here is an example of the icon with text option enabled on a Jooomla template:

DJ MegaMenu 3.7 new option

Potential problem with custom mobile themes

If you experience some visual problems with the mobile menu button after updating DJ-MegaMenu module, we prepared ready-to-use CSS styles which you can copy and paste to your theme or Joomla template. More details:

How to upgrade a mobile theme for DJ-MegaMenu 3.7?

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