Upgrade Alert: DJ-MegaMenu 4.4.0 Unveils Full Compatibility with Joomla 5!

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28 February, 2024
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Upgrade Alert: DJ-MegaMenu 4.4.0 Unveils Full Compatibility with Joomla 5!

28 February, 2024

The DJ-MegaMenu 4.4.0 update introduces full native compatibility with Joomla 5, as expected. Additionally, we have included two new options along with numerous fixes and improvements.

This is yet another of our extensions that is fully compatible with Joomla 5!

These same changes have been applied to DJ-MegaMenu Light, the free Joomla menu version.

What's new?

Full compatibility with Joomla 5 is a key, but not the only change for this version.

New logo parameters

We have implemented additional parameters for defining the width, height and alt for the logo.

The option to load animate.css locally

The is a new button in settings. Users can decide whether to enable or disable "Load Animite CSS locally" option.

What is DJ-MegaMenu?

It's an advanced accessible mega menu system (WCAG/Section 508/ADA) for Joomla. The Mega Menu is fully responsive and mobile-optimized with horizontal and vertical layouts and an off-canvas menu.

Users can set the number of columns per menu and put any modules inside.

DJ-MegaMenu gives everyone a wide range of possibilities to set up the menus. Designed with mobile in mind, so you'll find many handy features.

DJ-MegaMenuLight free version

DJ-MegaMenu is available in two versions - premium and light.

The Light version does not have some premium features, but you can download it for free and easily upgrade to the Mega Menu Pro version if needed.

DJ-MegaMenuLight has also been updated to the 4.4.0 version and works with Joomla 5!

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