Thursday, 25 July 2013 00:00
Modified: Friday, 01 February 2019 17:37

DJ-MediaToolsOur media extension DJ-MediaTools got updated with great new features. 

It's now enriched with Virtuemart plugin. This new plugin gives you options to control display of VirtueMart products controlling:

  • category of the products
  • ordering/selection of them, this can be:
    • latest products
    • featured products
    • best sales products
    • random products
  • show/hide price
  • show/hide add to cart button
  • option to add default image (in case the product has no image added in VirtueMart)

Check the video with short presentation of this feature:

The other new feature is video thumbnails management.

Now the thumbnails for the videos can be automatically pulled from Youtube or Vimeo, so no need of manual adding them (of course you still can if you want).

Check the video with short presentation of this feature:

This update is another step to making DJ-MediaTools the most enhanced media tool for Joomla.  

Learn more about the DJ-MediaTools Joomla extension

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