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DJ-Catalog 3.4.1 Release Candidate
26 November 2021
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DJ-Catalog 3.4.1 Release Candidate

26 November, 2021

The directory/catalogue extensions for Joomla 3.x and 2.5 just got updated.

Currently it's in Release Candidate version so you can check it and report any bugs you found.


What you should know about the update

what's new in component:

  • Query cart - allow users to ask about selected products
  • Multi-Upload - frontend and backend now supports multiupload for images and attachements
  • New core product attributes - additionally you can display
    • Author's name
    • Date of creation/publishing
    • number of how many times product has been displayed.
  • Separate column option for extra fields - select which extra attributes should be displayed in separate column in Table layout.
  • Sortable option for extra fields - sort products by specific additional attributes.
  • Komento integration - support for Komento comments component.
  • jLexReview integration - support for reviews extension.
  • Publish up/down attributes added You can can specify dates within which the product will be published.
  • Custom field plugin - "inject" extra fields into product description.

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what's new in modules:

  • Possibility to order products by date (latest/oldest) or the number of visits (hits).
  • "Link title" and "Link image" parameters.
  • Frontpage Module enriched with:
    • Possibility to toggle product's price and title.
    • Possibility to change main image's on-click behaviour.
    • Possibility to order products by date or the number of visits.

New extensions added:

  • Plugin: DJ-Catalog2 - Custom field
  • Plugin: Users - DJ-Catalog2
  • Plugin: DJ-Catalog2 - jLexReview
  • Module: DJ-Catalog2 - Cart

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What should I do to test the RC version?

You have two options:

  1. You can just download and install it on clean installation of Joomla (or on site where you want to test it and you feel secure that something can go wrong there [it’s not a stable version])
  2. You can do the regular update on your current joomla installation. Remember that this is an RC version, it’s not yet ready for live sites. So if your site is a production website built on Joomla the good way would be to make a copy of the site and install it in different location to test all the new features and if the update in your case goes smooth.