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DJ-Catalog2 with Custom Fields - J!3 R3ADY!
31 January 2013
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DJ-Catalog2 with Custom Fields - J!3 R3ADY!

26 November, 2021


We are thrilled to announce that new version (3.2.1) of DJ-Catalog2 was just released.

The main features of this release are: 

  • custom fields manangement 
  • Joomla 3.0x support
  • Facebook comments support
  • DISQUS comments support
  • Bootstrap classes support
  • contact form/ask about product feature was added

But this is not all. This update brings many fixes, features and enhancements you asked.

Now it's easier to manage the social buttons, Frontpage module and Items/Related items modules were updated with more flexible image sizes settings. 

The new and nice feature is also that you can set the height/width for Items and Related Items modules to fit it well to your template.


Important notes: 

Please make a backup of your Joomla installation before updating.

Even though we extensively tested the update process as much as possible, the changes applied to this version are major, so it's always safe to have a backup "just in case".  

This is really important for those that are running BETA or RC versions of DJ-Catalog2 with custom fields!

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